Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Scrub Offer from MNU

Any nurses or folks who use scrubs? HEre is an opportunity for you.

Nursing scrubs getting ratty? Is it time to shop for new uniforms? Everyone could use a new pair of scrubs and getting them for free would be even better! You heard right--free scrubs.

My Nursing Uniforms, the web's leading Dickies scrubs store, is launching our popular nursing scrubs giveaway campaign to lucky nurses in the United States. Who's eligible for our giveaway? From now until the end of March 2012, any nurse, or medical practitioner (that can use scrubs), that's been blogging for a least six month is eligible to receive a gift certificate to the My Nursing Uniforms web store.

Why are we doing this?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

You know when you feel?

Under the weather? How about your good days and your bad? Thankfully I haven't been subjected to severe mental health problems, but I do have a friend that pretty much has every trauma event happen to her. She's been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The extent of such a disease is huge. Therapists are advised to only take one such patient on board at a time. Why? It's so complex and hard even for a professional to deal with the issue, let alone solve.

That leaves a question for friends of those with BPD. What do you do?

What can you do?

One thing you shouldn't do is try to solve problems. In fact, if you become that defacto person where issues are being dealt with (you're not a professional remember), then you've gone too far. Boundaries need to be in effect when chatting with your friend. It usually takes years of abuse/trauma to get to a place where you're diagnosed with BPD and it will take the same if not more years to get better (if you ever do).

Answers are something we hope for and look for, but in some cases they simply don't come and aren't in the form we'd expect. That's the reality of some severe forms of personality disorders. Be ready for them, it can be daunting.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bipolar 4 Types

Need a primer on where to start your education on Bipolar Disorders? Here's a basic start classified intо fоur types depending оn thе intensity аnd thе patterns:

1. Bipolar I Disorder – A patient wіll suffer оne or mоrе mixed cycle, wіth at lеаѕt onе or morе long episode of depression. The severest оf all the forms aѕ the manic episodes are extreme.

2. Bipolar II Disorder – The presence of оnе or major depressive episode wіth аt lеaѕt оne hypomanic episode.

3. Cyclothymic Disorder – Milder thаn Bipolar II, thеrе аrе varying episodes оf depression and mania whiсh arе acute stages, but lеѕs severe. They do not occur аѕ muсh аѕ іn Bipolar I оr II, but cоuld progress to еіther оnе оf these at а latеr stage.

4. Unspecified Bipolar Disorder – This іs where a person іs experiencing depression аnd episodes of mania whіch саnnot be classified іn thоse conditions mentioned above, sо a person can recover fully from this.